Always wanting to know what is going on and then talk about it (often referred to as Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched), Annie knew that her future would be in journalism. Growing up, she was always the person that friends and classmates came to for information. As she got older, Annie continued her quest for knowledge and her love of sharing it. Annie is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, then attended San Diego State University for her BA in history. While working, she decided to volunteer as a media liaison for an animal welfare foundation, letting her tell the happy stories of families and their pets to whomever would listen. Realizing that her true calling was still sharing information to people, she was lucky enough to land an internship with the Fox affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area in both news AND sports! From there, she went south, but just a little bit, to Salinas and Monterey, becoming an on-air intern for the CBS affiliate. After seeing her work, the Fox affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana had to have her, and offered her a job. So, Annie packed up all of her belongings, and with her trusty kitty, Missy the Kitty, moved across the country. When she’s not working, Annie loves to give back to the community. She loves using locally grown and completely sustainable products to make sure that future generations have a fabulous world. She also loves to donate her time to feline rescue and care programs. Having been a cat lover her whole life, she wants to make their lives as fabulous as hers has been. Annie is also a sports nut, so much that occasionally neighbors have been worried about the screaming on Saturdays and Sundays during football season. She loves memorizing football trivia and then wowing people with her fabulous random knowledge. Growing up, she attended every Cal home football game, so it was a shocking moment when she picked San Diego State University for college. Now an Aztec fan, she follows all of their games, attending whenever she can. She also loves the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants, but would prefer not to talk about the Giants season this year; it’s a rebuilding year ;)
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